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The facts surrounding criminal charges are as unique as the people whose liberty they threaten. A good defense attorney is not someone who tells you what you want to hear. Rather, a good defense attorney is someone you can trust in to advise you on the best way forward; someone who works to develop a plan for that result.  To do this, you need a criminal defense attorney who takes the time to listen and understand your situation.

If you have been charged with a crime, deciding upon a criminal defense attorney is often the first, and most important, decision you can make. Although no attorney can guarantee an outcome, choosing an attorney who knows how to aggressively represent you can make all the difference in the world at trial or in plea negotiations.

As a former major felony deputy prosecutor, Daniel has prosecuted serious felony cases, so he knows the tactics the state employs when it is investigating and prosecuting someone. If your freedom is at stake, having this unique and powerful perspective on your side can make a huge difference.

Focused on Getting Clients Results

As criminal defense attorneys, we specialize in defending individuals charged with criminal conduct. Our sole focus is to ensure your rights are preserved, and your interests are defended.

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Knowledge Matched
with Experience

The criminal justice system can be complex, confusing, and sometimes even scary. No one should ever face it alone or uninformed. Knowledge is power, and having a criminal defense attorney with years of experience navigating the system can help you make the best of a tough situation.

Whether you, or a loved one, is facing a minor infraction, or the possibility of substantial prison time, our goal is help you every step of the way.

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The Law Office of Daniel Vaughn is based in Indianapolis and regularly serves Marion, Boone, Delaware, Hamilton, Hendricks, Hancock, Johnson, Madison, Monroe, Morgan, and Shelby counties. Additionally, we travel throughout the state to represent and vigorously defend our clients.

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We understand facing criminal charges can be overwhelming. Please reach out to hear how we can help you.

Contact us for a free phone consultation. If you have been charged with a crime, or if you think you are being investigated and could be facing criminal charges in the future, time is of the essence. Let us start fighting for you